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July Recess

No classes for the month of July

We had a nice last class where I shared some unique qigong exercises for health and energy cultivation. I look forward to see old and new faces again during the first Tuesday in August. Have a great summer!

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Tai chi: The gift that keeps on giving!

There were many people that approached me during the Lower Mills holiday stroll about getting their friends & relatives a tai chi gift certificate to my class. *CUE DRUM ROLL* I will have 10 gift cards available for purchase by the end of this week for $125 each. You may preorder these gift cards using the Paypal button below. If the card is redeemed in January, the owner of the card will receive instruction from January 8th to March 31st, 2015. That’s almost 3 months of classes for $125! You will not get traditional tai chi instruction for this price ANYWHERE!

Know someone that is curious about learning tai chi but afraid to make that initial step into the studio? Or perhaps someone dealing with a lot of stress and tension in their body? Or maybe someone that wants to learn a unique form of self defense? This card will make THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT!

Here are the rules of the road with these gift cards:

1. These are for new students only. These cards do not apply to currently enrolled students or people who learned from me in the past.

2.  Limit one gift card per new student.

3. Gift card owner MUST bring the card to class for redemption.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me.

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Looking to buy that special someone in the Boston area the perfect holiday gift? Try a tai chi gift card!