Swimming Dragon Tai Chi

Randy Moy

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Randy Moy (Left) practicing tai chi with Master Fong Ha (right) in the greater Boston area.


Tai chi & Me

Imagine engaging in an activity where there are no limits. In this activity, you learn how to create shapes to develop strength with your body. Coming out of a good 1 hour practice of this activity, you feel refreshed, able move better than you ever did before, and you can carry elements of this practice throughout your everyday routine. This is activity is called tai chi. The Chinese have been practicing this as a martial art and as an exercise for many years.

Most martial arts schools put up a tagline “mind & body become one”. My tagline for tai chi is “mind, body, & breath become one” and my practice in it MEANS IT. It is not an activity for just the elderly. Police officers, all-star pro athletes, and celebrities are reaping the benefits of this ancient martial art for their respective reasons.

What’s great about tai chi is that you can have a salad bar of goals to achieve from practicing it. Not into fighting? Fine. Try exercising your mind as you flow from one meditative posture to the next. Want to develop strong joints, muscles, and tendons? Practice the tai chi form slow to activate all those tiny muscle fibers you never knew you had. For more information about tai chi, qigong, and how my daily practice can help you at work or other activities, click here.

A Brief Bio

I have been practicing tai chi chuan & qigong for over 15 years. I receive my training from locally and internationally known teachers such as Donald Wong & Fong Ha. I started my teaching career in Connecticut about 6 years ago and moved back to the Boston area to be closer with my family.

In January of 2011, I started Swimming Dragon Tai Chi, a public class in Dedham, Massachusetts to share my love for tai chi and qigong with people in the metropolitan Boston and South Shore communities. Due to the popular demand of my Dedham class, I have moved to a bigger studio in Milton at Santosha Yoga.

I have a wide spectrum of students ranging from 18 to 50+ years old. They found that tai chi helps them with their health, occupation, and other physical activities. Whether you are looking for someone to manage stress at your job or help you move better for various activities, I am confident that my programs will help you achieve your goals.

Class Schedule

We meet Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:15pm at Santosha Yoga Studio in Milton. For more class information, click here.