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Fitness Bands for Meditative Arts

Health monitoring technologies have come a long way. Fitness bands have recently caught my eye, particularly the Nike+ Fuelband and Jawbone UP. I notice these technologies are developed primarily to track activities involving movement.

Calling all hardware and software engineers! Imagine if someone were to develop an ecosystem of tools specifically made for meditative arts like tai chi, qigong, and yoga.

A meditative arts fitness band?

Perhaps someone could develop a meditative arts fitness band that would track your heart rate, stress levels, body temperature, balance, consistent slow movement, and even your mental state.

Completing the ecosystem with software applications

On top of the hardware, wouldn’t it be cool to have an accompanying software or web application on your smartphone or tablet PC to graphically display your results?

Did you know, experienced practitioners of tai chi develop strong immune systems and have fever-like core body temperatures ranging from 100-103 degrees Fahrenheit?  This is a great achievement. Imagine if there was something that would tell you at the end of your practice session your core temperature when you started and finished.

What other ideas would you have for a meditative arts fitness band? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments box below.

One thought on “Fitness Bands for Meditative Arts

  1. jack Ouellette

    I like these hi tech tools! I use Endemondo or Mapmyride trackers for when I am cycling either offroad or road bicycling. In thier simpler versions they track your route,with topographical overlays to show terrain you ride through,an elevation graph of the % of grade you climb and in he more advanced applications they can track your heart rate, max heart rate at any given point , your max and average speeds and also your pedal cadence which helps you to ride more effieciently. I use endemnod and mapmyride both. If with a friend we use each and compare. Ive used the program to better set up my bike to suit my power output. I tend to perform better and put out more power when I spin a high cadence..I also have a polar heart rate monitor watch Im trying to figure out how to use. These programs are supposed to have the ability to read the monitors.

    Garmin also has a GPS unit that mounts on the bike that marries all of the above into one unit. It is a little pricey….

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