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Responses to Regular Inquiries

Below is our FAQ section, which is meant to help you get a better picture of our classes and approach. Still interested in learning more about something not listed here? No question is too big or too small. Reach out to us, we are happy to answer.

What should I wear to tai chi class?

Loose comfortable workout clothes. Try to wear clean, flat soled shoes. Walking shoes should be sufficient enough. Try to avoid wearing running shoes with high heels as they can make the practitioner feel like they are leaning forward all the time.  The late spring and early fall can get rather hot in the studio, so please dress appropriately according to the weather.

Are there any amenities at your studio?

There are no juice bars, showers, or vending machines at the current studio. I make it mandatory on hot days for all students to bring a bottle of water to hydrate. There is no air conditioning in the studio either so please keep that in mind for dressing appropriately to class. Any student during hot days without water will be sent to the local CVS on Dorchester Avenue to purchase a drink. All students must use their best judgement when attending my class during extreme weather conditions. There are bathrooms for both men and women where you could change if needed but most people arrive in class dressed and ready to practice.

Do I need to have previous knowledge in tai chi chuan or other martial arts?

Randy accepts students with all backgrounds, however, classes are structured for beginners and will dynamically change in pace and class material depending on class performance. 

What is your class cancellation and refund policy?

In the event of extreme weather conditions, I will send a communication out via social media channels and e-mail to all enrolled students by 5pm EST on the day of class. If students do not see any communication by that time, assume that class is still on and use your best judgement on whether or not it is safe to come to class. There is no refund or credits for students missing class, however, credits will be given out if class is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Do I need to be at a certain phyisical performance level to learn tai chi?

One of the best things about tai chi is its adaptability to anyone's physique. The only physical requirement I have is that the student is able to stand upright and be able to walk. Need to cultivate strength? Tai chi can do that. Need more flexibility? Tai chi can do that. Feeling stressed? Tai chi can help with that. My studio is on the third floor and there are no elevators. Keep that in mind when signing up for my class in Milton. 

Where can I park my car?

You may park your car in the highlighted areas in red below. There is plenty of street parking in front of the building at 60 Adams St. in Milton as well as on Wharf St. There is also a municipal parking lot on Wharf St. as well.

tai chi parking.png
What is the duration and cost of your classes?

Swimming Dragon Tai Chi teaches tai chi classes from September through the end of June. We bill on a bi-monthly basis where $165 tuition is due at 1st day of every 2 months. Returning students will be e-mailed an electronic invoice via Square to remit payment if they wish to continue studies at the school. If a student wishes to no longer continue studies at the school, they can always contact us and we can cancel all recurring invoices. 

For Randy's class, registration is typically open in September or January if there is any availability.

For Dan's class, registration is open throughout the year until there is no more available spots in the class.

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